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I challenge you to see yourself as special- Self Love

Vision: I saw myself teaching a woman and asking her who am I?

She could tell me that I am special and a Mighty Warrior for Christ.

I saw myself asking her the following:  “IF YOU ARE ALLOWED TO SAY WHO I AM, WHY AM I NOT ALLOWED TO TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE?”

Why would you not accept that you are special?  Why do you not allow yourself to speak good over yourself?

If I had to learn my identity, then YOU are also allowed to learn about your identity in Christ and who He says you are.

Remember that there is a difference between loving yourself and indulging in vanity.

If God says: “I love my people “,And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep His love is. May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God. (Ephesians 3:18-19).

Then it seems to me that it is somewhat important for you to know that you are loved by God.  Does it not sound like that to you?

Just read the bible verse above again.  It says that when you know how much God loves you, you will be made complete, healed, with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God

In my own life, it took me years to accept that God called me, and wanted me to know that I am special.  Then the day came that I was so fed up with the person that God send to me, to let me know that I have to accept that I am special.  That I just spoke the words out loud:” Ok, I will say it.  I am special. Will you stop bothering me now?”  The person smiling stopped, as according to him, he executed his mission successfully.

I went to God with the same excuses I gave my whole life long;” I am not special, I do not come from a special family, why me Father?’  On that, God came back to me and asked:” Why not you?”   Show me whom do I need to choose? Why can I not choose who I want?  Am I not God after all?

That night, I had a dream. I was there.

There were two huge angels standing by a door that opened into the clouds, and God was standing behind the door, leaning over it.  The one angel gave me a drink, liquid joy, he then anointed me with oil, and the other gave me a staff with a big red stone on the tip.  My amour changed all of a sudden, from a dull metal to a bright platinum baby blue colour.  I bashed the staff on the ground, and it caused ripples in the ground, that looked like waves.

Thus, since that day, I knew that I have to teach people, you, to accept that you are special.  It is important for you to accept it, to be promoted [ in the spirit realm and in the physical realm, as what happens in the spirit realm, happens in the physical realm and vice versa] to the brilliant, beautiful person that God made you.  It is to me, the most important step toward learning to walk in your authority in Christ in the spirit realm.

Once you accept that you are special, you obtain a certain knowing that you are here for a purpose.

It gives you a sense of; you know that you know that God loves you.  Once you accept that revelation of the love that God has for you, you are able to return God’s love, and you automatically start to love yourself more, which is self-esteem, self-worth, which is crucial to start loving your “neighbour”.

Purpose is your identity. God needs people with identity in His army.

When you have a purpose, you have more confidence.  Confidence is to believe in yourself. 

I always thought it blasphemies to hear messages that God has faith in me that I use to say, that I must have faith in Him, not the other way around.

The day came when the Holy Spirit told me the following.

When you go for an interview, the employer appoints you, because he has faith in you, that you can do the work.   In addition, it works the same way with Father God.

GOD NEVER CREATED US TO FAIL.  He never intended for us to walk as failures, but planned that we would be more than conquerors via the power of His Son, in us. Yet we are so stubborn many times that we refuse to accept God’s love for us, as life wounded us so.  And behind the scenes, in the spirit realm, where you are not able to always see, there are demons at work to stop you at all cost, from accepting that you are special and for you to not ever receive the revelation of how much God loves you.  Because if you do, you will start to walk in such a deep love-relationship with Christ, that the result will be you becoming more than a conqueror, and then it’s tickets for the demons.

They will be unemployed once you walk in your identity, in your purpose.

The demons were trying hard to ruin your life from childhood, to wound you so badly that you will reject God’s love for you.  Now that you have learnt about God’s love for you, you will not tolerate them and their tormenting lies anymore.

If you want to read a quick guide on what to do next, you can read my article on Self-Discipline: A quick guide on how to start building self-discipline and what it actually is.

So, the question remains: are you going to start to believe that you are special?

Knowing that you were made for a purpose allows you to accept the gifts and blessings God has for you.

Once you start to walk in the blessed life that God has for you, you will feel so special, that your heart will grow the need to tell others how special they are.

Quote: Accepting that you are special and loved, brings healing and sets you free to pursue your dreams, and create a good life.

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