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What do you expect?

What do you expect

My one friend, went through a terrible traumatic time with her daughters, where they have accused her of being a bad mom.  The reason why they said so, was the following: “we were sexually abused by your boyfriend of 20 years ago, while we were all living in the same house, and you, Mom, allowed it.”

Susan came to me, heartbroken, and asked for advice February 2022.

I send her the link to the article about, “Using your pain, to heal someone else’s pain”, which I posted onto my website.

We did not speak for about 3 days, when I send her a follow up message, asking how is she doing and does she have any questions.

I received the following reply: “Why do I have such a knack to always get the landlord from hell?”

That question was took me by surprised and not what I was expecting at all.

I do know why people keep on going for a toxic person, which ends  them up being  in a toxic and abusive relationship.  But this question was a difficult one for me, as this is when you, the person, did not go out and deliberately choose the person.

The only answer that came up in my mind, was how I stumbled upon a group of speakers, whom held a trauma convention online in 2021, they had 40 or 70 speakers, all discussing some topic of trauma and their physical effects on your life.

It is in times like these that I seriously do not have an answer and wished that I was able to see better into the spirit realm to be able to see first-hand as to what happens.

I was praying for an answer.

The conversation went like this:

Me:        Holy Spirit, I need you to assist me please…. I know that a person keeps on going for a toxic person when you have a lie stuck in your subconscious mind, for example :of you not being worthy, which turned into a stronghold (a lie that the human started to accept as the truth), due to a soul  being wounded, and that wound  was never attended to, so that it could heal. 

Holy Spirit:          You attract what you fear.   Deep seated fear of the past in the subconscious mind.  Ask me: When did the fear enter my heart?           

Holy Spirit:          She is walking with the hidden fear in her heart, of encountering a difficult landlord.  She is expecting “the difficult one” to show up.  Change your expectation, change your perception.  Ask Me to show you when and where it entered so that I can shine light on it.  Once that dark corner of that fear is lid up in your heart, you will be able to deal with that fear,  you will start to heal and get delivered. .  

As soon as it is uprooted from your heart, you need to then stop allowing that lie to rule, replay in your mind, by retraining your brain to stop thinking on that specific lie.

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