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About the author:

Maryna Uys ( Lundy)

Maryna have always had a passion in her heart to write: poems & short stories as a child, then  it changed during her mid 30’s when she started to counsel one on one for a group of ladies whom consisted out of:  Abused, Divorced, Widowed and ladies diagnosed with Cancer, & to write

But Her first passion, was, to help broken people, to pick them up, and to show them,” That you can face life again”,” You can change your hopeless situation into a better one.”


Maryna is a natural born teacher, she explains difficult subjects via stories of her life, to teach you, till you have the “ AHA – moment”.  She is bearing the scars inside of her, which you will notice immediately when she starts to teach, that she knows what she is talking about. That is why her practical experience, the knowing of being there herself gives her the advantage of understanding your situation first hand:

These are some of the topics that Maryna can assist you with.